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San Luis Canopy Tour

$85 per person (1 day trip)
3 exciting adventures:
canopy, sensational cable (known as Superman cable)
and also the Tarzan swing.


Air-conditioned bus transportation to and from Alajuela, lunch, bilingual guide and 3 exciting adventures. All equipment will be supplied and the specialized guide will instruct participants.


Set into the cloud forests of Costa Rica's Central Valley region, the San Luis canopy tour will take you to an adventure through lush, green canopy and across the Rio Cataratitas. Carried by a system of zip lines, you will soar weightlessly through the expanse of virgin forest that grounds the tour, and find yourself in intimacy with the habitats of Costa Rica's distinct cloud forest wildlife. The scenery and vegetation are spectacular: mountain trails full of bromelias and bird watching. Lunch and transportation included..

What to bring

Do not forget to pack hat, light jacket, pants, walking shoes, insect repellent, binoculars and camera.

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